Compass Error?

CFixer will fix any DJI compass

Compass Error?

How many times have you seen "Compass Error" sign on your tablet screen in DJI GO app? Or this ominous inscription "Exit GPS Mode"?

It is especially frustrating is when your drone is far away and out of sight.

Non of DJI drone can operate in GPS mode (hold position) without a properly working compass.
Here are a few cases of the compass failure:
The Copter was put on the hood of the car
A flight near a Power lines closer than 50 meters
Power lines
Standing the Copter next to the magnet
It is easy. Find the store in your city
Buy CFixer
Put CFixer to Compass and press the Button. After 7 seconds compass will be Reseted
Go out to the field area and perform compass calibration according to DJI instruction

How can you fix it?

There are 3 steps only

How it works?

Watch 3-minute video

Who needs CFixer

You are the lucky owner of the DJI quadcopter
Who are you?
DJI Spark, Mavic Air / Pro / 2, Phantom 3 / 4 series, Inspire 1 / 2, Matrice 200 / 210 / 600
Suitable for copters
From open area to Power lines and metal constructions
Place of the flights?
Landing the Copter and use CFixer. Then make Calibration and fly again
Compass Error?
CFixer will help you
Inability to fly a Drone in a straight line?
Use CFixer as often as you need. You may use it every day or every flight.
How often?


What are the advantages of reseting compass to factory conditions:
In 90 percent of cases, there is no camera level loss during rotation of
Quadcopter, and in 10 percent of cases in order to eliminate this trouble IMU and Gimbal must be calibrated.
Сamera level
Smooth flight of your quadcopter, without subterfuges and wobble. You push forward - Drone flies forward
Smooth flight
The Quadcopter operation becomes more responsive and predictable
Quadcopter hold position becomes clearer even in strong wind conditions, "toilette" sign disappears
Hold position
Any questions left?
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Where to buy

if, after trying CFixer, you believe that it does not help to your device - just return it to us within 30 days from the date of purchase in original packaging and we will refund your money.
Return 30 days
One year warranty
Feel free for contact us. ( US only )


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